The Grand Seiko Broken Down and Re-Created for the Vintage Lover

September 25, 2017 at 5:30 am

The Grand Seiko is one of the elite, vintage watch series in the industry. Debuting in 1960, the watch set out to be quite the luxury statement. It was a piece meant to highlight the artistry and sophistication that Japan has to offer in the Swiss-dominated watchmaking world. The first edition was simple in design, but unique in the market with long, faceted lugs, razor hands, and a direct dial. The first consumers truly enjoyed reading the time with one of them on their wrist.

Grand Seiko is now a separate entity from the Seiko Watch Corporation. The company is releasing a rendition of this original watch early this year, with minimal changes in the general design foundation. Some notable changes are the addition of more touches of modern luxury in the materials and techniques in the production.

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