Casio Earns $70 Million in Media Exposure from Shakira Song 

January 27, 2023 at 1:25 am

If you are a music buff, chances are that you have heard about the Queen whose hips don’t lie, Shakira. This time around, she is making waves for her appearance in the Casio watch media exposure.

The singer’s new single promotes visibility for the Casio watch, ensuring that it leads up to becoming a luxury brand. All thanks to Shakira’s star power; the company has earned $70 Million and has created a buzz in the field of fashion and luxury brands. Even though the song has been characterized as a breakup song due to the sad lyrics, the watch has been making waves ever since its release.

In this age of digital marketing, it is quite easy to judge how well something is doing, all thanks to social media metrics and impressions. Social media generated around $41 million from this Casio-Shakira collaboration. It makes up 59% of the total impressions. The remaining $29 million were estimated from other media interactions, amounting to the rest of the 41%.

Another reason for this song making rounds on social media is the hype created after Shakira and her husband of over a decade, Barcelona star Gerard Pique, announced that they were separating. The couple has two children.

As per Google trends, Shakira is the third most Googled person after the news broke and the song came out. The search for Casio has been at its all-time high that is a big deal for the Casio brand.

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