Montblanc Watches Los Angeles

The Montblanc name originated from the highest mountain in Europe. The brand is recognized for being one of the standards in quality, precision, and adherence to quality craftsmanship. The watches produced by Montblanc are intended to balance the classical element of elegance with modern means and necessities. With a passion for design and pure luxury, Montblanc is among a select group of brands that serve both the sophisticated and modern man and woman. Anyone who appreciates time-keeping with a sense of timelessness can appreciate a Montblanc timepiece.

Some of the pieces in the Montblanc collection include:

The company first started under the name “Simplo Filler Pen Co.”. The short-lived name eventually gave way to the “Montblanc” namesake made famous today. According to rumors, the name was conjured during a card game in which a relative of one of the partners dew a comparison between the pen and the Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps. Over 80 years later, the brand has become recognized worldwide, and features more than 350 boutiques in 70+ countries.

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