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The cream of the crop when it comes to luxury watches, very few brands match the prestige and image of Rolex. It is hard to think about classy, luxury watches without thinking of Rolex. Established in 1905, the Swiss watch brand was one of the pioneers of the wristwatch at a time when pocket watches remained the norm.

The Rolex name is not only associated with class and luxury, but innovation as well. Some early examples include the Oyster, one of the first waterproof wrist watches. Another example is the first rotor self-winding mechanism. Rolex watches have also been part of many milestones and achievements of mankind, from explorations of the deepest depths of the ocean to the summit of the highest mountains.

Rolex offers quite the selection of models and designs. These include:

Crafted from the finest raw materials and made with meticulous attention paid to detail, it is no wonder Rolex watches are highly desired by many. In addition to their exuberant prices, their limited availability gives them a status of exclusivity. This is why there are clubs and groups open only to owners of a Rolex.

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