Swiss Watch Brands at an Affordable Range

Affordable Swiss Watch Brands You Can Consider

Most collectors and enthusiasts are intrigued by watches from the land of the alps. Some of the most famous brands and names come from this region, including Omega, Hublot, and Rolex. While many categorize Swiss watches as high-tier, expensive, and exclusive brands, there are some mid-tier watches that even the more conservative spenders can add to their collection. These affordable Swiss watch brands are Tissot, Hamilton, and Luminox.


Tissot is a more than 150-year old Swiss company that markets their watches as design-centric, high-tech, sustainable, and ground-breaking. With their mid-range prices, their fantastic designs are more accessible. The watchmaker is not without accomplishments of their own, they developed the first anti-magnetic watch, plastic watch, and experimented with wood, pearl, and rock materials.

Tissot also introduced the T-touch watch, which introduced one of the first concepts of touch screen technology on a wrist-worn timepiece. For its many achievements and internationally known promoters such as Danica Patrick and Deepika Padukone, Tissot continues to offer timepieces with signature Swiss quality at a decent price to collectors.


Founded in the year 1892, the Hamilton watch group launched their first watch a year later. Starting out as a developer of pocket watches and wristwatches, the company diversified into new product lines and eventually became one of the largest watchmakers under the Swatch Group. The company is responsible for many fantastic and dynamic timepieces. This includes the Khaki Aviation Flight Timer Quartz Watch. This particular piece features a stainless steel case, grey dial with skeleton hands and Arabic numeral hour markers. It contains an analog digital display to go along with the classic look of an authentic timepiece.

Numerous enthusiasts and watch collectors have found Hamilton watches to be worthwhile purchases. This is especially true considering they are a Swiss brand for the mid-tier range of watch buys.


One of the great watch lines from Luminox is the Sea Series. These are a set of designs that feature the Carbon Seal 3800, Spec Ops Challenge 4220, Anu Chronograph 4240, Anu 4200, Navy Seal Colormark, Modern Mariner, Scott Cassell specials, and more. These are watches within the mid-tier price range and have been the choice of many Navy Seal personnel, as well as professional scuba divers such as Stan Waterman. They feature the Luminox Light Tecnology (LLT) that allows for sustained visibility, readability, and accessibility for deep diving. When it comes to Swiss watch design for the rugged professionals, Luminox definitely fills that void.

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