Rolex GMT-Master II Closer Look and Review

Rolex GMT-Master II Review

When it comes to an area as subjective as watches, individual tastes are always going to vary. With the Rolex GMT-Master, opinions are as divisive as they come. Rolex made two versions of this watch, one debuting that had a red and black bezel that earned the nickname “Coke”. The next incarnation had a blue and red 24-hour display scale and earned the appropriate nickname “Pepsi”. The GMT-Master II Pepsi places the watch design back in its classic, original debut appearance.

The Rolex GMT-Master II had undergone many design changes, culminating in the introduction of a ceramic bezel on steel versions of the model. In 2013, Rolex debuted the two-tone ceramic scale in blue and black, which became referred to as the “Batman”. Rolex followed up in the next year by re-introducing the red and blue Pepsi bezel on a white-gold watch. Its $40,000 price tag left many Rolex sports watch fans out of the running for obtaining it, but the company responded by re-introducing the steel-based Pepsi design.

The Bracelet

Rolex started with the Jubilee bracelet in 1945 for the datejust, and the GMT-Master has that bracelet option since 1959. The center links are refined with polish and the outer links feature a brushed texture. The Jubilee bracelet is a comfortable wear, with small links that fit softly around the wrist without irritating any fine hairs. The Oyster bracelet also has a comfortable result with its curved links.

Folding Clasp and Extensions

The Jubilee bracelet substitutes the fodling clasp with the Oysterlock folding clasp, which is a common feature for sports model. The Datejust and Jubilee bracelet for the GMT-Master II offers an Easylink extension piece that extends the bracelet by 5 mm. This is a practical option for wearers in warmer temperatures or performing increased physical activity. You can fold half of the link to make the bracelet longer without altering its appearance.

The caliber has been improved over the years, with significant upgrades to accuracy, longevity, and durability. It is decorated with a sunburst finish, but a notable absent is a hand engraving. Wearers can recognize the new movement with the Rolex crown palced between the “Swiss Made” text at the edge of the dial. The movement is certified by COSC for high accuracy at a range of temperatures and positions. Rolex uses their proprietary specifications to further maximize the degree of regulation, maintaining an average deviation of -2 and +2 seconds per day.

Pricing and Attainability

The GMT-Master II Pepsi is placed in the mid-level table of pricing within its segment. At $9,250, there are additional alternatives that can provide a second time zone, while there are more expensive ones to note as well. The value retention of Rolex brands however, make the GMT-Master II Pepsi a hard piece to top. Few pirces have been delivered and resold through online auctions. It is expected that the GMT-Master II Pepsi will reflect the performances of previous versions and be sold for more than the new price in the future. The best time to obtain one may be sooner than later if you are serious collector looking for a timepiece with impressive long-term value.

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