Burberry Watches Los Angeles

The Burberry watch collection is quite an iconic one. It blends the best of both British luxury and Swiss design, providing a one-two punch of style and class. There are many types of designs to choose from for the Burberry lover, this includes Classic Round, Britain Classic, and Britain Travel.

The Classic Round design exhibits a typical look, but with some stylish flavor. It uses distinct detailing to give off a timeless look of both elegance and beauty.

The Britain Classic series gets the two-country treatment – it is designed in England and then crafted in Switzerland. The watches in this line use classic leather material with a modern shape, heritage inspired bezels, and a trench coat color option.

As for the Britain Travel collection, functionality and full-featured design are king. Burberry is no exception when it comes to following the standards set for travel watches. The Travel collection has all the tools the modern traveler needs. It is stocked with GMT and chronograph functions, combining both on-the-go flexibility and sleek design.

Founded in 1856, the Burberry company does more than their fair share of community involvement. They are one of the most sustainable companies around, with a target to reduce impact their production processes have on the environment.

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