Casio F-91W Features and Review

Casio F-91W

The visual that comes to mind when thinking of a digital watch usually is the G-Shock, but another timepiece that attracts attention is the F-91W. This watches is considered one of the classics of the digital class, a true showing of the influence Casio has made on the industry. Despite its near 25 year age, it still remains one of the most popular series in the digital watch world. The watch has retained much of its design since its debut in 1991 and also comes at a price less than $15.

The Casio F-91W comes in at 34mm diameter x 8.5mm height and 38mm lug to lug dimensions. It holds a weight of 20g and equipped with a water resistance rating of 3ATM or 30m with splash resistance. The lug width is 18mm and it uses Casio’s in house digital module 593 for movement. Buyers can enjoy a warranty of 2 years upon new purchases.


The case is not the most standout feature of the watch, but that was the not the intention with the design. Casio focused more on a comfortable fit that is barely noticeable for the wearer. This comfort is created by the light weight of the watch at 20g along with its minimal dimensions. The case is created from resin material that is presented in a rectangular shape. Wearers can easily interact with the pushers and adjust their settings conveniently.

Dial and LCD

The dial for the F-91W is essentially an LCD display. It provides a clear and detailed view of everything you need in an essential timepiece, including the day of the week and the calendar month.

Strap Comfort

What about the strap? Wearers will initially notice the resin material of the strap that helps with adding additional comfort and softness to the wrist. What can also be observed is the horizontal linear detailing at the top, lugs, and the channel on the opposite edge of the strap. With its thin dimensions, many wearers have identified the strap is a key component of what makes the watch extremely comfortable to wear.

Movement Technology

The F-91W movement has many quirks and unique features to recognize. You can press all of the buttons simultaneously and get all the digits to display. In addition, if you press the right button for 5 seconds, the words “Casio” will display on the LCD. When purchased straight from the box, the watch will have a 7-year battery life. Many users actually report a longer life of 10 years. Powered by the CR2016 battery, the F91W is known to be easily sourced. Additional features include an hour-long stopwatch, regular alarm set-up, and beep function for the hour mark.

With all of these features and technologies designed for comfort, the Casio F-91W makes for a valuable purchase at $15. The 2-year warranty is the cherry on top for collectors looking for a great daily time teller that offers reliability and consistency.

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