A Look at Almost Two Centuries of Longines’ Accomplishments

April 11, 2020 at 5:49 pm

In 1832, Swiss watch creator Auguste Agassiz partnered with two other watchmakers to create timepieces that set the foundation of future design concepts to come. The three watchmakers developed the Raiguel Jeune et Cie comptoir, known later as the Agassiz comptoir or the Agassiz factory. The watch was created from domestic parts by experienced local craftsmen. Auguste Agassiz gathered the craftsmen to form a designer series of these watches for distribution. These are all the foundational timepieces of the Longines watches seen today. Here are several accomplishments that have graced the Longines watch line in the centuries since.

Read more: www.prestigeonline.com/th/style/watches/longines-key-milestones/

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