A Preview of the Upcoming PRX Automatic from Tissot

March 27, 2021 at 1:21 am

Tissot surprised the world is by debuting the new PRX 40 205 which is a stainless-steel watch designed originally in the year 1978. The newest design is an integrated bracelet with a flat and barrel shaped case. With a retail price of $375, Tissot barely teased the new watch which was posted in its entirety on the website. Although it’s not for sale yet, you can see the various configurations that are available for the watch design.

The newest integration of the watch added a mechanical version as well as a new movement style that has not been seen previously. The name PR X in the brand stands for precise and robust the X stands for the 10 atmosphere is that this delivers with its water resistance.

Based off of a slightly thinner and battery-powered model, the automat version of this watch comes with a design with a waffle pattern in the dial as well as a fully transparent case on the back. The look of the watch is very classic and the perfect option for many collectors.

The movement for this watch is a power matter within 80 hour power reserve on board. Complete with a blue or black dial and a third option shown here with a silver dial, there are gold indexes for the hands as well as a series of specialty options that can differentiate the models from one another. Dating to the pricelist to see how this luxury watch will be changing based on the main options available. Tissot has been known to offer excellence in customization and a series of quality touches for the classic and designer look. Even though this watch release came out of nowhere, the stunning look of this timepiece has people fawning over it and its updated technology alongside a classic look.

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