Affordable Swiss Luxury Watch Brands to Choose in 2021

February 7, 2021 at 9:48 pm

If you are interested in investing in Swiss watches for the year 2021 you might find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer number of collectors watches that are available. The downside to collecting a fine Swiss timepiece is that it can be easy to get priced out of the market. Many of the top Swiss watch manufacturers have a series of timepieces for your watch collection that range out of affordability. Here are some of the most affordable Swiss luxury watch brands that you can pick up in 2021


Tissot has been in business since the year 1853 units known as one of the most celebrated Swiss watchmaker’s in history. There are affordable Swiss watches from this brand and in a variety of designs. Whether you’re interested in a luxury silver style dress watch or a complex chronograph, there are new and beautiful offerings from Tissot at affordable pricing this year.

TAG Heuer

Although these are some of the least affordable watches that we will mention from a luxury Swiss brand, TAG Heuer is doing its part to produce timepieces that are more innovative than ever before. Everything that they make is top-notch and timepieces like the Formula One stainless steel edition can be picked up at a fairly reasonable price in the luxury watch market.


Hamilton is a bit of a technicality as it was not originally a Swiss watchmaker. The brand today uses Swiss automatic movement and is produced in Switzerland alongside some of the world’s top brands. Famous for their additions like the jazz master and the khaki field watch collection, there are plenty of affordable options from this manufacturer for a Swiss luxury watch.


This is definitely a luxurious label but there are plenty of timepieces available from this company for under $1000. Longines watches are elegant and extremely diverse. If you’re seeking an underwater watch, you wont find better protection than you can get from the automatic movement sport collection called Hydroconquest. These watches are good for up to 300 m which is unheard of in most wristwatches.

Consider any of these top brands if you are looking to expand your collection in 2021 affordably!

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