Attractive and Affordable Vintage Omega Watches from the 1970s

August 5, 2019 at 10:17 am

Omega is one of the most prominent names in the luxury watch industry. The Swiss company has developed many iconic designs such as the Moonwatches as well as a variety of other lines. With a consistency of quality and innovation in design, the Omega name is associated with luxury and exclusivity. The Omega name also hosts a collection of vintage brands that are affordable to dedicated collectors.

While watches such as the Speedmaster are priced according to the demand they generate, there are many dress watches that can still make it to the three-figure price range and still possess a vintage quality about them. Here are several watches from the 1970s that are great examples of vintage Omega design.

Omega Seamaster Automatic

The Omega Seamaster Automatic has a unique octagonal case that complements the addition of a classic dial, giving it a distinctive appearance that stands out on any wrist. It possesses an angular shape and measures 35.5mm. It fits many writs, with many users saying positive things about its comfort and placement. The watch is powered by the Omega 1020 automatic movement that delivers both day and date functions. It is a great wear for most occasions due to its distinctive looks and details.

Price: $699

Omega Genève Calendar 1061

The Genève Calendar 1061 comes in a 9k solid gold presentation with thin bezels that add more appeal to the dials as well as highlight its 33.5mm diameter frame. It’s a thin design that is powered by the Omega 1030 manually wound movement. Many owners will appreciate the gold case and accents that match well with a silver dial. The Genève Calendar 1061 is a fantastic addition to the collection and there are many incarnations available for collectors with minimal signs, if any, of wear or use.

Price: $895

Omega 135.0051

What many watch collectors will appreciate about the Omega 135.0051 is that it is a dive-style watch with features that make it even more distinctive. These include a 35.1mm diameter that accommodates many wrist sizes, a retro design, and a light gray aluminum bezel that is paired with a white/silver dial. The watch is powered by the Omega 601 hand-wound movement and is held by a steel bracelet. The current watches available are all original and have received professional service.

Price: $935

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