New Outdoor Watch from Casio Combines Advanced Technology with Affordable Convenience

September 15, 2019 at 6:57 am

The Pro Trek watch sub-brand from Japanese watchmaker, Casio provides features that match the ruggedness of G-Shock, but places more priority on functionality and adventure. With Pro Trek, outdoor enthusiasts and watch collectors can access a range of features that offer value to both groups. The newest release in the Pro Trek line, the PRT-B50 series, offers the latest technology, including an accelerometer and smartphone options.

The accelerometer is included among the PRT-B50’s sensors, which adds to the new Quad Sensor branding. Owners can expect a series of functions consisting of a compass, thermometer, and pressure sensor. In addition to tracking speed, the accelerometer showcases its value by detecting accelerations in gravity. This technology is derived form the same ones used by smartphones to count steps. The emphasis on this new function is to provide excellent tracking and navigation for outdoor enthusiasts.

Casio is well regarded for utilizing smartphone connectivity in their modern line of watches. Instead of simply creating redundant features on the watch, Casio has designed the smartphone connectivity around using apps and programs that are more comfortable to use on a watch rather than a smartphone.

The PRT-B50 will be available in three versions at launch. It will be presented with designs, colors, and aesthetics that match general camping gear. They have a comfortable fit and wear that matches most Casio designs. Expect an individual PRT-B50 to retail for $200 when they hit the market.

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