Casio to Release a New MT-G line of Watches Inspired by Blue Phoenix

March 5, 2021 at 10:46 pm

The newest watch release from Casio in the Blue Phoenix line will feature a rainbow ion plating along the bezel and watch case. This limited edition G-shock shock resistant watch is going to be a part of the MT-G line of watches. The newest MTG-B2000PH features a design that is based on the Blue Phoenix in mythical lore. It comes with a speciality rainbow ion plating along the case and bezel and it remains one of the most impressive new Casio watches to grace shelves this year.

Casio has dedicated an innovative level of design to this watch and they are exploiting specialty design formats in the CMF design as well as in the color, material and finish. G-Shock watches built out of metal have been considered some of the best market sellers in recent history and this takes to the design to impressive new highs.

The ion plating is applied along the bezel and through the dial, based on a bird from eastern mythology, the symbol of the phoenix is for auspicious tidings. The bezel comes with a construction that is separate from the case. Layers of red gradient are also applied along the case and the light blue ion plating and flame style patterns show us something unique. No two finishes are the same and the dial also includes a multicolour reflective pattern with hints of orange, pink and more.

The band that sets off the whole device is a blue design with the resplendent blue phoenix insert. All these design elements are then fed into a product that is known for its outstanding level of functionality. Casio has gone to the next level with its technology allowing for smartphone pairing and the device conveniently will change based on time zones with its link.

If you would like to learn more about this quality time piece be sure to check out the G Shock Website for more info on its launch.

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