Examining an Affordable Longines Spirit Pilot Watch

October 1, 2021 at 12:46 am

Pilot watches are always a style of watch that remains in fashion. They are sleek, they are known for their luxury and they offer a beautiful look into history. In a recent release from Longines we find a watch that comes with a unique display and a heritage that is all its own. Longines is a brand that has always been synonymous with a great quality pilot’s watch and the image that their new watch conveys is nothing short of amazing.

The Longines spirit is the latest product on the market from this top watch maker. It has a NATO style strap, a self winding calibre and a COSC certified movement built on a silicon hairspring. The watch can run for an impressive 72 hours without intervention and it is offered with the chance for an optional titanium bracelet for a classic look.

Longines introduces a watch here that is 40mm and the perfect classic size for most to get a slim fit. The 5 stars along the dial enhances the layout and makes this appear to be a high ranking admiral style watch. The gold stars and the impressive face make this appear to be more of a vintage collection piece.

The vintage elements here as well as the Tudor style snowflake hands make this a watch with some stong elements of classic pilot watch design. What makes this such an excellent watch for those that want the pilot watch look is that it can be acquired for less than $2500. The grade 5 titanium face and the strong spirit style finishes make it a luxury design that would fit on the wrist of any lucky pilot or luxury watch fanatic.

If you have been looking for a pilots watch at an amazing price, the spirit model is a perfect choice for you this year.

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