How to Spot a Fake Omega Constellation Watch

May 14, 2021 at 1:11 am

The Omega Constellation watch is one of the most popular new collectors watches in the luxury watch market. It is a versatile piece that is robust and perfect for its romantic look. The downside to having such a desirable watch is that it has attracted a number of people to product fake collector watches to send out into the market. If you are looking at an Omega Constellation used or on a website that is not an official Omega Dealer, here are some of the top ways to spot if it’s a fake:

Dial Details

The details on the dial can tell you a story, if the dials are spaced unevenly or the alignment seems off, it could be a fake. Opening up the omega website and comparing the dial to the other popular models will show you the type of symmetry to look for.

The Logo

Fine details in the logo will often be telltale on whether your watch could be a fake. The constellation logo from Omega is generally finer and the star is made out of a separate piece of metal. If the star looks painted on, the Omega watch is likely a fake.

The Hands

If you move the hands on an authentic omega watch to adjust the time, the second hand will stop. When you lock the dial in place the second hand should not start with a jerky motion, it is always smooth on these watches.

The Illumination

Omega has always been known for its bold night optics. If the watch you are holding has poor quality illumination and the details are hard to red under illumination, it is likely a fake.

The Date Window

Any Omega constellation has a date window which is not completely rectangular. This detail will quickly show that the watch is inaccurate. The slightly off rectangular feature will only be present in real Omegas.

Consider some of these top options when you are trying to spot a fake Omega watch!

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