Hublot Introduces the New Cruz-Diez Classic Fusion Watch

December 8, 2019 at 9:23 pm

Swiss watchmaker, Hublot, is introducing the latest addition to their Classic Fusion line with a design inspired by the late Carlos Cruz-Diez, who passed way in August at the age of 95. Cruz-Diez has spent a large portion of his career working with colors and exploring dynamic ideas around them. His work emphasizes that color is fluid, which has been applied to many light installations, paintings, and sculptures bearing this signature. He was one of the leaders in the ‘60s Op Art movement that highlighted optical illusions. In 1965, he adopted the first Chronosaturatio series, allowing viewers to observe art in different galleries with varying fluorescent bulbs in red, green, and blue colors. This design philosophy was applied to the Hublot Cruz-Diez Classic Fusion watch.

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