Introduction to the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

November 5, 2021 at 11:03 pm

Mechanical watches are back with new breeds of smart watches that are built on quality timepieces from the past. There is no denying that these types of watches have become extremely successful including the use of notifications, calls, music and more to wearers in one easy place, but the fashion is not quite at the same level as classic timepieces should be.

Tissot is introducing a true hybrid smart watch that sets to buck the trend with the T-touch connect solar which is a watch that is connected with quality watchmaking as well as a true smart watch design. The design here is quite minimalist and the watch will revert to a mechanical watch when it is unpaired or kept too far away from a smartphone. T-touch wants to produce a watch that is well connected but also highly fashionable and functional.

What sets this device apart from other smart watches on the market is its long lasting battery. It comes with all the features you would expect on a smart watch including an accelerometer, GPS, heart rate and exercise tracking. You can also get emails, alerts and social media updates on the phone.

The solar battery system here makes this a true standout. With Apple watches, you will likely have to charge a smart watch every night but with this Tissot device, you can have a battery that can run for nearly 6 months without a need to charge it.

T-touch connect solar uses photovoltaic cells in the dial to keep the battery topped up and you will only need to fully recharge the battery with the wireless charging cradle when the watch does not receive enough natural light in a day.

Tissot is effectively changing the way we think about smart watches and although this isn’t a cheap smart watch, it is going to shatter the market.

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