Keeping an Eye Out for Affordable Cartier Watches at the Monaco Mega Sale

October 8, 2021 at 12:08 am

If you are a fan of Cartier watches you are going to love an upcoming watch auction set to go down in Monaco. Cartier started the company as a family business at 24 in the year 1898. Since this time, the watch has risen to be one of the greatest watch companies in the world and a true household name. Cartier watches have an endless number of styles and you can find some of the most amazing collector styles in a vast collection like the auction that is planned. Here are some of the best options coming up for sale:


Santos is a style from Cartier that kicked everything off. It was one of the world’s first wristwatches and it is recognized for its strong polished bezel along the case as well as its iconic square dials. Modern Cartier Santos designs have been the same since the year 1990 and they are a modest sized watch that offers excellent design and styling. For a max value of around 22-25k, these are iconic and full of history.


The Cartier Tank is always a favorite for collectors. It was made popular as a post war watch and it is known for its art deco styling. Cartier modeled the originals after the Renault military tank watch in 1917 and the luxury touches to this watch have been evolving since. At a price tag of 8-12k, you can pick up these collector pieces for a steal at some auctions.


This elongated style watch is similar to editions of the Tank and introduces new features along the case length and the dials. The curved case has straight lines along the top and the bottom and resembles the look of a barrel. Tonneau is French for Barrel modeling the look exactly. The 18k gold case is the most sought after and the crown of sapphire and manually wound movement style of these watches have been in production since the start of the 1990s. This is a watch valued at 8-15k.


The Cartier Crash is a very unique watch. Looking like something out of a Dali painting, the Crash was born out of inspiration that struck when an original 60’s Tank was returned to the Boutique in London after the owner was in a car crash. The damaged watch would go on to create the look for future crash designs and the elevated look has been made popular recently since it has been found on the wrists of Kanye West and Tyler the Creator. With a limited release on the first set of Crash watches in 1991, this is a tough commodity valued at over 150k.

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