Lamborghini Creates High-End Watch with Roger Dubuis Partnership

February 7, 2018 at 4:58 am

Most watch boutiques will have extravagant watches with auto branded designs filling up the display cases. This has been the norm for a number of years, to the extent that its appeal is beginning to see an eclipse. One partnership aims to go in a different direction, a combination of two brands known of high-performance, exclusivity, and limitless aesthetic inspiration. Italian supercar maker, Lamborghini, and watch maker, Roger Dubuis are embarking on a long-term collaboration that will encompass both design and technology.

Lamborghini has been seeking a new partner following the end of their relationship with Blancpain. Roger Dubuis has carried years of experience and success with their Excalibur skeleton watches, The watch maker has also worked with the likes of Pirelli, so they are no strangers to working with the very best in the automotive world.

The two companies formed their partnership after a multitude of meetings, and a new direction in automotive-branded watch making was born.

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