Limited Edition G-Shock Collection Sells out in Half an Hour

June 23, 2019 at 8:40 pm

The limited edition G-Shock Casio rolled out last October was a collaboration with BAPE, a Japanese streetwear purveyor. The watch was released to celebrate the 25-year anniversary of BAPE as well as the G-Shock series reaching their 35th year milestone. The watch features BAPE’s 1st Camo print wrap with gold detailing located on the face and back.

1,000 G-Shock Pieces Sold Within Seconds

The collection consisted of 50 pieces released in Singapore and was sold out within half an hour. The fast sale is not an anomaly within the history of G-Shock collaboration watches. Casio and McDonald in the previous year also released a watch with a face featuring the Big Mac layers as well as the Golden Arches graphic on the top.

“The 1,000 pieces sold within seconds, literally within the click of a mouse on the MacDonald’s website.” said Mr. Takashi Uema, the general manager of Casio’s global marketing division. “Collaborations are important communication models for G-Shock. We have to talk to not just watch fans, but also arts, sports, and music fans. Collaborations do not just add value, they are great marketing strategies,” he says.

According to Mr. Kazunori Yamanobe, the direct of the design department for the BAPE company, they have completed 30 collaborations with G-Shock, a partnership that has existed since 1998. The two companies introduced the idea of a collaborative watch celebrating their respective anniversaries about five years ago. Mr. Yamanobe stated that the most prominent challenge was how to adapt the Camo print for a watch – particularly, integrating it in a way that does not affect the visibility of the dials and its most important functions.

Mr. Uema goes on to state that in looking for a collaborator, Casio looks at whats on trend, then initiates discussion of concepts. “We don’t just have a collaboration because something is in vogue. We work with collaborators who share the values of G-Shock. And we have to make sure we deliver something interesting which make G-Shock fans happy”.

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