Limited Edition MP-09 Tourbillion Watch is Unveiled by Hublot

July 2, 2021 at 11:46 pm

Hublot is a brand that is well known for unleashing designs are a little bit out there. The latest MP series is a watched it’s definitely been designed for exotic excess. The unique asymmetrical shape as well as the melting watch face are something that you don’t generally see on a collectors watch. The two access escarpment and the extremely vibrant colors are a profile that produces an extremely dramatic design look. With up to five days power in the reserve of this tourbillion movement, the high tech and extremely high-impact carbon fiber case is light and versatile.

The design of this Hublot watch is nothing but eye-catching and the sheer size of the case will be sure to turn heads. The sicknesses relatively small at just 17.93 mm but the watch face commands attention. At the 12 o’clock mark the case follows a big bang pattern that has been present in other watch designs from the manufacturer. The angular and sandwich style construction includes gloves that are integrated as well as side flanges that present at the nine o’clock and three o’clock face. The six a clock face is slightly different with a design change that includes a black hole design along the base.

The look of this watch is extremely vibrant a matter what color you choose. With bright blue, lemon, green and fire engine red, this is a watch design that captures attention in the solid color layers and the vibrant style watch face.

With 30 meter water resistance, this isn’t exactly a diver’s watch but it is certainly a daily wear collectors item that you can enjoy for many years to come. Be sure to watch for the launch of the luxury Tourbillion from Hublot with an MSRP of $200,000 if you count yourself amongst the privileged watch collectors worldwide.

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