Longines Continues Recognizing Achievements in the Aviation Industry

June 17, 2018 at 8:21 am

The first Longines Lindbergh Award in May was awarded to Erik Lindbergh, who is also the grandson of renowned aviator Charles Lindbergh. The award was created by the Swiss watchmaker who have underlined their commitment to recognizing the greatest names and contributors to American aviation industry. The award ceremony was hosted by Longines at the New York Times building. Erik was selected for his contributions to short-distance aviation.

He worked with Ansari X Prize which was a space-competition that aimed to further develop low-cost spaceflight. “What’s exciting for me is the advent of electric propulsion, “ says Erik. “What my grandfather did with long-distance aviation we’re going to do with the way people move with short-distance aviation. We’re seeing something like 10 percent more efficient fuel burn, but other than that, aviation hasn’t changed much since the jet age.”

Erik’s grandfather was recognized for dramatically altering the future of aviation. The Lindbergh Hour Angle watch also accompanied his grandfather during his voyage on the Spirit of St. Louis. The watch also had its part in changing the direction of aviation. The watch contained features that allowed navigators to note their position and re-calibrate their sense of direction. It helps navigators overcome notable problems that affected potential landing maneuvers.

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