Longines Heritage Military 1938 Watch

November 24, 2019 at 8:31 am

The Longines Heritage Military 1938 is another addition to the Swiss watch maker’s Heritage range. The watch is based on the design that was released just a year before the turn of World War II. September 1, 1939 was the date which saw the world plunge into conflict as Germany invaded Poland, starting the European front of World War II.

The military 1938 design was classified as “interwar” by Longines. During the time of its launch, the world was on the precipice of a conflict that would change its history. The notable design elements that were interlaced with WWII watches were still seen. These include a black dial, sub-seconds at the 6 o’clock mark, and Arabic numerals. There were several Allied nations that had a pre-listed set of specifications with which manufacturers developed their watches around. These include the American A-11 and British W.W.W., which carried waterproof properties. The specifications were mandated around performance, efficiency, and durability in a battlefield environment. The Heritage Military 1938 features a modern interface that is also compliant with the specifications of the time.

As an alternative to using contemporary fonts and materials, Longines avoided sacrificing the original and instead modified the case dimensions while retaining the unique typeface and dial proportions of the watch. The Heritage Military 1938 is one of the most popular releases in Longines’ Heritage series. Various modern re-design have been issued under this brand, including the military watches that came in 1945. Longines has placed additional attention in ensuring the accuracy of the watch’s details, and presentation. With this, the Heritage brand has gone on to represent one of Longines’ most successful watch lines.

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