Middle East Exclusive Hublot Watch Tells Time Backwards

December 1, 2019 at 7:22 am

Hublot’s limited edition watches are a trademark of the brand’s affinity for developing region-exclusive watches. One in particular that is produced for the Middle East also comes with features that stand out amongst its collection. The classic Fusion Special Edition Bronze Anti-Clockwise Hublot does just that. Developed for Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons, one of the leading retailers in the region, this watch is powered by a mechanical movement that is anti-clockwise. From the observer standout, the hands appear to move the ‘wrong’ way around the dial. Seddiqi presented the watch at the Dubai Watch Week event, where it was revealed that the watch spent five years in development.

The movement is powered by a sister caliber to the unit used in other automatic Hublot watches. It was redeveloped with additional parts added as well as other ones removed, including the date wheel. Hublot confirmed that the movement would be used exclusively by the watch at Seddiqi.

Hublot and Seddiqi compared the unconventional movement to the quip that life as we now it actually runs backward. The moon revolves around the Earth, the Earth around the sun, and the Earth and moon move anti-clockwise on their own axes.


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