New Casio Watch to Mark the 40 Year Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Launch

April 15, 2021 at 10:23 pm

Casio is setting out to launch a limited edtion timepiece this year which is going to pay tribute to the first shuttle launch. The latest G-shock series watch included a black and white face design that is inspired by the design of the space shuttle. The first mission launched on april 12 1981 with the watch going live at 7AM on April 12 on the main Casio G-Shock website.

The model will be limited in its design and called the DW5600 series.

Other features of the watch that draw back to the shuttle include the white dial and NASA logo on the case. Every case will be engraved with a silhouette of the space shuttle along the back. The strap design is also unique with United States and the American flag on one side as well as the inscribed STS-1 on the other side of the strap. The markings along the side of the strap resemble the look of the shuttle orbiter and they include graphics taken straight from NASA designs.

Perhaps one of the most impressive parts of the watch will be its packaging. Complete with a shuttle inspired outer box and inner carrying case, this is a design that can house a quality timepiece and made out of a strong grade of aluminum. Whether you are going to be bringing the watch on vacation or you need a great box for keeping other timepieces, the packaging is excellent. Box packaging includes a statistics list about the STS-1 mission and the tin displays an overlay of the orbit around earth.

Display features on the watch call back to the design. The markings of the shuttle silhouette display when the watch is illuminated. The 1981-2021 years also flash along the display screen with the backlight on.

If you are interested in getting your hands on this unique timepiece. Be sure to look out for the Casio website on April 12 this year for the launch.

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