New Timewalker Line from Montblanc References Luxury Ambitions

January 16, 2018 at 5:59 am

Montblanc has introduced a new series of watches that showcases their ambition of competing with the giants of luxury, achieving parity with the likes of Rolex and Breitling. Despite already boasting watches with some of the largest price lines on the market, Montblanc continues to aspire to grow even amongst the elite class of high-end watchmakers.

The Timewalker series watches are expected to debut with prices ranging from the low thousands to ones just under $50,000. The 1858 collection is only the second in a series of watches with Rolex-esque price tags. The watches follow a theme of mountaineering and hiking, commemorating the 150-year anniversary of Minerva, a Swiss watchmaker renowned for their contributions to chronograph movement.

As the luxury watch market continues to gain in competitiveness, watchmakers are closing in on emerging consumer markets. Montblanc first entered the luxury watch market two decades ago with $2000-$4000 range watches. Managing director David Cerrato, states that the Timewalker brand is their move to challenge competitors in the high-end $4000 to $6000 price range.

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