New Warranty Policy Marks a Milestone for Omega

November 10, 2018 at 5:08 am

With the introduction of the new five-year warranty for their watches, Omega has provided more flexibility for both their existing and potential customers. The new warranty plants are an additional three years ahead of the industry standard of two years. Omega joins a handful of manufacturers who have extended their warranties by three to give years. These expansions were based on the continuing integration of electronics and advanced technology into watch manufacturing. Omega will be offering this warranty on all of their models.

Omega has stated that “the decision follows significant progress within the company over the past several years, including the arrival of its new Master Chronometer certification which raised the bar in terms of precision, performance and magnetic resistance.” Omega has developed a modern industrial factory that has improved procedures for watch testing and quality control. The new processes place the examination process of watches under higher standards and details.

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