Omega Calibur 321 Movement Planned for Re-Release

January 12, 2019 at 5:57 am

The historic moon landings did not only feature a man on the moon, but a watch as well. This watch was an Omega Speedmaster that graced the wrists of Buzz Aldrin, carrying with it a significant weight of history in the watch world. Before launching towards the moon, it was placed through a number tests to ensure it was survive the intense conditions of space. The watch withstood exposure to extreme temperatures, collisions, and intense pressure. The movement that powered this historic watch, the Caliber 321, enabled it to survive the atmosphere of space.

In honor of this history and achievement, Omega is planning to re-release the Caliber 321. The project was named “Alaska 11”, which is a tribute to the original code word used in the NASA missions of the 60s. After 50 years, watch enthusiasts can delight in this history-making movement again.

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