Omega Watch Chronoscope Collection Gets Vintage Re-Release

October 29, 2021 at 12:49 am

Omega’s Chronoscope collection is offering a new release that now includes some smart watch features including heart rate monitors and speed measurement pedometers. With a design born in the 40’s this is a watch that was designed for a previous generation and a design that is coveted amongst collectors.

The latest release will feature a series of redone vintage watches that are offering new dial designs and timing scales that we have not seen before. The first remake includes the tachymeter which has a bezel including the traditional speed master design as taken from the Rolex Daytona. The features along the outside of the bezel includes a pulsometer and a chronograph to calculate heart rate. You can also check in on the weather, your step count and more. The direct inspiration for this current design comes out of the 50s and 60s with the design changing In 2021. The size of this new watch is at 42 mm and this is much larger than anything produced in the 1940’s the panda dial version also comes with some added accents that make it much sportier.

The collection of Omega Speedmaster watches with these incredible features starts at 8,450 from the main website and extends unwards of 14,100. Of course these are not watches that are all about the tech or smart watch features. These are true Omega Chronoscopes that remain fashion forward and serve as excellent fashion pieces first. It is inspiring to see these iconic omega watches revamped with quality features for future watch designs. It will be interesting to see if other watch makers are going to follow suit and introduce newly remodelled and iconic watch designs from the past that are updated with smart watch features.

If you are interested in the Omega Speedmaster chronoscope, keep in mind this will be an iconic collectors piece and a truly great style for your daily wear.

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