Pikachu Watch to be Released as Part of Casio-Pokemon Partnership

October 20, 2019 at 7:26 pm

Nintendo and Pokemon fans are closely anticipating the launch of the next title in the video game series, Sword and Shield. As the release of this title nears, more brands are also looking to capitalize on the excitement by joining forces with the Pokemon company. One of these collaborations is Casio, who are introducing a new addition to their Baby-G watch lineup with a Pokemon-themed design. The new watch features the signature Casio rugged design with a small Pikachu detail.

Commemorating Baby-G watches’ 25th anniversary, Casio is differentiating their line with this unique collaboration with the iconic video game series. With Pikachu featured on the new timepiece, Casio is going with pop culture appeal over variety. The Baby-G series provides up to 200M of water resistance, shockproof housing, and a backlit function.

As the 25th year anniversary of Baby-G watches rolls around, Casio has paired the Pikachu design with a slick black color, Pokeball graphics, and 8-bit thunderbolt designs. The digital watch face is customized to match the Pokemon logo. Upon activating the backlight, the Pikachu sprite from the original GameBoy games can be seen. To further add to the theme, Casio has packaged the watch in a Pokeball-style case. A collector’s box is also available with a retro pattern inspired form the watch history. Collectors can preorder the watch from Casio for $110. They will start shipping next month on the 8th, a week before the official release of the Sword and Shield games.

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