Pure Sapphire Watch Released by Hublot

April 28, 2021 at 10:45 pm

Hublot is a watch brand that is known for its various technical triumphs and the latest model is no different. Every spring a luxury watch brand will release a new novelty model that features a variety of new headline touches. Hublot has its new flagship model in one of the thinnest watches to date featuring a case window and a luxury look similar to a high end Rolex.

The Big Bang is a brand-new watch design produced using tantalum which the material only found in nuclear reactors. The most exclusive edition of this extremely thin watch also continues a black diamond finish with 544 diamonds costing a total of $1 million for the collectors watch. The Big Bang in red gold is a patented design in which Hublot created a new type of gold for the watch design.

The Big Bang watch release for the year 2021 also introduces a brand-new yellow magic watch built out of Tourbillion sapphire as well as a high-level jewelry in Ceramic. The black and yellow skeleton dial as well as the ceramic case are consummated by a yellow ceramic bezel and a yellow and black rubber strap. Is going to be only 250 of these produced and the design of the device is embellished with a special ceramic feature that will make it easier to enjoy on a front of blue, beige and green. If you are interested in picking up an extremely rare and prestigious watch that also contains very unique components, this could be an excellent choice for you to pick up this spring. Hublot is a company that is known for its innovation and the unique design here is nothing short of a miracle in watch design.

If you would like to learn more about these designs and when the release is going to happen, stay close to the Hublot website.

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