Read these Guidelines Before You Buy Your Next Vintage Omega Watch

December 4, 2020 at 1:52 am

Omega Vintage watches are timepieces that are highly coveted by many collectors. Vintage watches from Railmasters to Speedmasters are some of the most popular watches to collect and they offer an incredible vintage style. As far as competitors go, it’s hard to find a watch that as collectible unless you’re going to go with a Rolex. Omega has an absolutely amazing status in the industry and many people are buying their watches at vast discounts or hunting for the perfect deal on them as well. There are definitely some omegas that sit in an affordable spot but it is important to read some of these guidelines before you go out and start collecting so that you can get something that’s coveted and at a reasonable price.

1980s and 1990s Speedmasters

Perhaps one of the coolest targets that you can look at in collectible Omega watches is the Speedmaster. The design has changed very little over the last 60 years and even though the movements have been updated and there have been some changes to the dials, the quality of the watches is roughly the same. Early models from the 90s can sometimes be acquired for under $5000. It’s the same quality of watch that you would get in a Daytona style and with some of the same incredible movement.


If you’re looking for a vintage watch in the range of $1000-$3000, the pie pan constellations style watches are an excellent choice over the vintage Seamaster. There’s plenty of variety here and the raised dials are similar to some vintage Rolexes only at a price that is considerably cheaper.

Dress watches from Seamaster

Omega made a series of Seamasters and there’s a number of different dial configurations. It’s hard to see the same reference made twice and the style of the 34 mm size makes this an awesome watch for any occasion. A reputable dealer will often sell these for under $3000 and sometimes under $1000. By sacrificing some of the precious metals that you would get in many newer dress watches, you can get the style at a discount.

Consider some of these top ideas if you are looking for a vintage watch that will provide you with plenty of options and a beautiful look. Combining the luxury look and getting a great deal can go hand in hand!

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