Spotlight on the Omega Seamaster 300

April 2, 2021 at 10:15 pm

The Omega Seamaster 300 remains one of the greatest tributes to a 50s dive watch that has ever been created. Omega first created this timepiece in the 1950s and they have since upgraded the movement and a series of other improvements to re-create one of the most iconic timepieces. The Seamaster 300 has long been a well sought-after collectors’ piece and it’s one of the perfect watches to pick up this summer for your collection with the newest improvements.

The Seamaster 300 is a watch that is more than just a favorite amongst collectors, this is a true dive watch that is sought after for many scuba divers worldwide. This is a watch that’s wearable at an incredible depth and it has an inspiring vintage charm that will make it a sought after collector’s item for a very long time. The 41 mm case is slimmer than this watch has ever been before and this gives it extra appeal for a modern wearer. The authentic brown leather band and the fairly simple watch face make it look like a watch that has been picked out from another period in time. The bezels on this watch have been made even thinner to make this a sleek timepiece and an item that resembles the look of the original icon with a modern twist.

The sandwich style is also a key difference and it includes a series of indices sandwich over the watch face. These super luminova style face features also improve visibility especially when diving at night. If you are going to be diving with this watch often, choosing a stainless steel band instead of the traditional leather will give this seamaster a greater longevity.

The sapphire crystal case back shows the true quality that Omega is putting into every model and rigorous testing is done on every watch to ensure it is a master level of precision. At $6500, you will need this watch for your collection this summer!

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