The Grand Seiko SBGD205 Masterpiece Collection

November 13, 2020 at 1:58 am

Grand Seiko is pushing the limits of design with the newest Seiko watch. The Grand Seiko collection which was first introduced in 2016 is getting a revamp for the year 2020. The latest masterpiece collection is due out for this spring. It is including an 8 days jewellery watch with a long running spring drive system as well as a gem set dial and case style which is built for opulence.

The movement is the true luxury with this watch. The first calber 9RO1 in the collection has the spring drive regulator that has been changed for this model. The device uses a quartz crystal and a steadily rotating flywheel instead of a balance wheel to keep the watch moving. The watch comes with an astounding 192 hours of power on board and this comes down to a power storage of a 3 barrel run sequence. One winding will give you access to 8 days of power and the movement here is finished with a watch face that matches up with mount Fiji. The full device is extremely well finished and you can check in on how much power is left through the reserve in the back. The power reserve indicator in the back can showcase when the perfect time to wind may be.

The movement is regulated to +/- 10 seconds per month, meaning that you will very rarely need to reset this watch.

The gem set case is another aspect of this watch which is extremely well built. The gem set and engraved dial is built with a platinum or 18k white gold. The watch can quickly deserve a close look. The outer section alone is set up with 96 diamonds, 25 sapphires and embellishments to mark the hours. The sapphire that marks 12 is the largest on the watch and it is the perfect way to quickly read the time.

Only 10 of these exclusive watches will be made and they will be set to launch in June to start.

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