The Greatest Milestones of Longines Extensive Watchmaking History

April 29, 2020 at 2:47 am

Almost 200 years ago in 1832 a Swiss watchmaker by the name of Auguste Agassiz began a partnership with a series of watchmakers. These three watchmakers set out to start a company called the Raiguel Jeune et Cie Comptoir. This organization would eventually become the Agassiz factory or the Agassiz Comptoir. The goal of the organization was to assemble meticulously made watches made from parts that were all local. The watches would all be distributed by Agassiz.

This stands as the legacy of Longines watches and the origins of this distinguished brand.

Watchmaking would evolve for the company in the year 1867. This is where we can find some of the first timepieces bearing the Longines name. These watches also had the winged hourglass logo that has become synonymous with the brand. One of the oldest timepieces from this period is a watch that is held in the Longines company archives bearing serial number 335.

In year 1900, the company participated in its very first exposition. They were participants at the Expo Universelle Paris. The world’s fair in Paris had the company producing 100 timepieces. They collected a large number of impressive awards at this first event and this is where they establish their esteemed history as being one of the world’s most awarded watches.

From this initial history to the beautiful timepieces that the company produces today, the Longines name is quite synonymous with time-honored awards, showmanship as well as a beautiful experience at many conferences. The company regularly produces an excellent quality of watch for any upcoming conference. With the nature of releases this year, it will be interesting to see the next line of timepieces that will be released in the esteemed modern history of this longstanding brand.

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