The Latest Silver Arrow Watch is Unveiled by Longines

March 19, 2021 at 10:08 pm

Longines has produced an extremely unique timepiece with a dressier appeal. Meeting with the minimalist style includes a watch with a series of decorative touches and a design that pays tribute to nearly 190 years of history. Longines has produced a number of unique concepts in dress watches since its launch and the latest series returns to a popular dress watch from the mid-1950s. The Silver arrow captures the 1950s charm with a series of modern refinements and a minimalist style that is to die for.

Featuring a stainless steel case and a clean and classical leather band, the bezel along this watch is smoothly polished and includes actually delicate looking design. Many of the watches in this era were extremely lightweight and they were known for a recessed bevel and very delicate features. The general flow of this Longines watch is the same with a domed sapphire crystal window and a continually sweeping sham for that polished and running along the edges. The Silver arrow is very similar to the original watch in its time but it introduces new features like a water resistant case and machine crafted etched art on the inside of the watch design.

The little touches from the 1950s are here in the watch face design with ridged number plates at the 12, three, six and nine and horizontally ridged after-hours. There’s a modern design with a mid-century 50s touch. The only sacrifice in this minimal design is a lack of date window which was cut out to preserve the visual balance in the watch face. The lack of date window on the Silver Arrow only adds to the luxury appeal and makes this a watch which will make you feel as though you are wearing an exclusive antique.

Available now from authorized dealers for just over $2100, this release is sure to be a collectors treasure in the future.

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