The Making of Timex Watches

December 22, 2019 at 7:17 am

Timex is a watchmaker that has historically produced watches across the world, for its most current collection, the company is brining production back to the US. Timex is headquartered in Connecticut, many of the company’s designers and developers have created their timepieces around the watch head. The process starts with the watch motor’s placement into the nest, which offers a bed for the motor. In most analog watches, the motor is the engine that powers the watch movements. The face of the watch then aligns with the two holes in the motor. Using small tweezers, the developers place the watch hands and secure them in position. It takes a lot of precision to level the watch hands accurately.

The next step is to add the glass cover on the face of the watch. After compressed air has been applied to remove extra dust particles, the glass is carefully placed over the watch face. The watch head is reversed and a special fixture is used to place the crown. The crown of a watch is the little knob used to adjust the time and hands. Normally, the batteries are inserted after this process. While the movements are being worked on, the batteries are not placed yet to conserve power and avoid unnecessary use.

The ring support is the next piece to be added after the battery. The ring helps prevent any pieces from wobbling inside the case. A USA tag is added to the ring as an additoanl touch. Timex first manufactured in Connecticut in 1854, but the company started with clocks before moving on to watches. While production has been observed in many different regions of the world, Timex has remained intend on making the US their main production center. This commitment is exhibited through the watchmaker’s American Documents series. Once the time is set on the watch, an additional 24 hours is allocated to allow it to run properly. A laser will mark the interior case with the date of the watch assembly, the Timex Group logo, and a “Made in USA” text. The back of the case is then secured with a case press. Timex has developed a reputation for reliability due to the various tests involved in the watch production process. These include water-resistance tests.

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