The Omega Tourbillon is a Symbol of High-End Watchmaking

October 27, 2019 at 10:28 pm

One significant landmark in the development of mechanical watchmaking is the tourbillon. The purpose of the watch was centered on being an aesthetic showpiece, however, it has come to be regarded as a hallmark of high-tech feats in micro-mechanical watchmaking. It was originally produced to maximize the accuracy of pocket watches, it possesses wide visual appeal and became popular with high-end brands.

The Omega tourbillon is compared figuratively to a watch escapement, which is the most animated component of watch movement. The tourbillon uses the entire structure of an escapement and places it in a frame revolving a full 360 degrees. The result is a watch that embodies ticking, twitching, and turning all at once. Tourbillons are difficult and complex to produce, requiring expertise working with a lot of tiny instruments, but they provide a radiant and gorgeous timepiece for observers to admire.

Abraham Louis Breguet was an 18th-century watchmaker who developed the idea of the tourbillon. The concept of the watch was to counter the effects of gravity on a pocket watch escapement. At the time, pocket watches were worn vertically in waistcoat pockets. The effects of gravity would cause the accuracy of the watch to be shifted. The idea of rotating escapement would reduce the chances of gravity to affect the accuracy of watches.

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