Top Digital Watches to Get Outside of Apple

January 16, 2021 at 1:27 am

Digital watches are coming back in a big way. With so many people choosing smart watches like the apple watch, modern and lightweight digital watches are becoming a norm for accessories and practicality. If you are interested in getting in on this trend with some collectable watches, consider some of these:

Casio World Time

This watch is set to be a hit for those that are interested in enjoying a quality digital watch. It has 5 alarms, it suits modern tastes and it has some impressive features. Instead of shelling out $3-400 on a digital watch, you can find a modern digital solution that offers nearly the same solutions as a smart watch for just $15.

Timex T80

The Timex T80 collection pays tribute to the earliest digital watches in the market. It is functionally similar to Casio designs but it has a better form of illumination and some flashier finishes for the watch design. The Timex T80 ranges from $60-$80 depending on the band choices and it’s an excellent quality digital watch.


For a luxury style digital watch, Yema has adapted a tribute digital watch that is distinctly retro and eye-catching. The French watchmaker has designed a reissue of a 1970s model that showcases the history and personality of the brand. Many of the watches here showcase in house mechanical movements but this reissue is a quality tribute to the history of the time and quality watch design. At a price of $249, this is a prestige digital watch.

Nixon Regulus

Nixon Regulus comes with a perfect look from a negative display on digital watches. It remains legible in many formats and it comes with several case finishes. It often looks more retro but it still has a distinctly modern feel. It is not too similar to Casio style watches but it can come in a style that is excellent for taking a hard beating. Nixon has priced this watch reasonable for $250 with its quality design and durability.

Consider any of these top watches if you are interested in a quality digital watch for staying on trend.

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