Vintage Watch Highlight: Cartier ‘Guillotine’ Ref. 1200

August 25, 2019 at 7:09 am

The vintage watch highlight of the day is a surprising addition from Cartier, who debuted a watch that was unlike anything consumers have seen from the brand. In fact, the company at the time, was not known for the production of watches of this caliber. The Cartier ‘Guillotine’ Ref. 1200 featured a movement that displayed time through a distinct “guillotine” style mechanism that can both conceal and reveal the dial. A small lever located on the crown can be pushed, which can allow the watch to retract the blades and display the present time.

The ‘Guillotine’ Ref. 1200 is a particularly rare timepiece from Cartier. Only one other example has been exhibited, which included monogrammed blades, and had a dial decorated by an ouroboros engraving. Though the following watch is not the same exact timepiece, you can see pictures that show how the mechanism works here. With the history and rarity of the ‘Guillotine’, it may more likely end up in a museum than on a collector’s wrist. If you do want to own one, the asking price is $16,740, but you can try your hand at negotiating for a more attainable sum.

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