Five Luxury Watches for Collectors Just Starting Out

Luxury Watches for Starters

Owning a luxury watch could generally be the goal of anyone who has been saving for years or even if a person quite recently got a promotion. Starting to build up a collection of luxury watches can be prestigious for your jewelry and accessories collection but it’s important to start with a few well respected brands so you end up with diverse pieces that you can use often. Here are five luxury watches that are perfectly suited as the starters for any collection:

A stainless steel Rolex: stainless steel Rolex watches are traditional every day fine watches that you can wear in almost any setting. They pair great with any type of fashions and they’re durable enough to regularly take a scratch or a bit of a hit every so often. These are everyday watches and the Rolex submariner is one of the perfect watches for beginners for that reason.

Omega Speed Master Chronograph

An Omega chronograph: A chronograph watch is always a classic look and the Omega speed master chronograph is an excellent example of a versatile watch that is also extremely fashionable with any look. This is one of the perfect beginner watches as it is a little formal yet elegant.

Tag Heuer Formula One

A sporty Tag Heuer Watch: Tag Heuer is known for its unique and sporty watch designs. As a sponsor for the Formula One circuit for years, The Tag Heuer Formula One style of watch will make you feel like a superhero while you are wearing it.

Cartier Santox XL

A formal Cartier watch: For formal events, it’s essential to have something that you can bring along that’s different from your daily wear. A Cartier Santos XL for example is one of the most loved formal watches in the world and it will elevate almost any outfit at a formal event.

Something rare and magnificent: to round out your collection you should always check out something rare that you can use as one of the highlights of your collection. Targeting a watch that you may have to follow in auctions over years or stay sharp with the watch collecting community to get can be a very rewarding task. This is different for everyone but a great example could be the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 with the special edition blue dial. This is one of the rarest collector watches in the world.


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