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Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex founded Tudor in 1926 as an economical and inexpensive brand. The association of the brand with Rolex gave considerably vast credibility globally yet the association entangled the brand under Rolex’s shadow. Though manufactured by Rolex’s sister concern company, Tudor completely faded away from the global markets for 17 years, from 1996 to 2013.

The onset of the year 2012 bought great news for Tudor, as the brand released a modern iteration of earlier days best-seller Tudor Submariner manufactured until the 1990s. This fresh iteration, Black Bay was accepted with a thriving response from the fans and helped the brand to escape Rolex’s shadow and mark its own essence boldly. The gross sales value of Black Bay’s release $100,000, promoted Tudor.

Well, it would be wrong to say that Tudor has left its strong associations with Rolex. How? Because the maximum of current-day models of Tudor is somehow dedicated to vintage Rolex watches. The newer version Black Bay GMT holds close similarity with the Rolex’s GMT Master.

The chic style, coeval lines of current-day Tudor watches is assorted varieties to the Rolex Date-just models.

The beam essence of Black Bay’s hour’s hand in diamond shape is an upbeat outline that makes all Black Bay and Pelagos models look fairly unusual, unique. The symbolic snowflake hours hand brings a charming essence to the Tudor watches. Following the limes of vintage Tudor models, the brand’s Heritage Chrono holds striking similarity with Cartier with feminine-leaning Clair de Rose look and feel.

To simply put, the brand’s own identity comes from its peculiar watches, Heritage Chrono, Black Bay and many more. There are a few Tudor oddballs with no no similarity not even one percent with Rolex watches.

The Heritage Advisor, an alarm watch⌚ with a sophisticated portion dial.

The year 2019 was interesting for the watch world as Tudor released the Black Bay P01. Supporting the bezel locking mechanism, integrated straps, this was a watch from the brands back catalogue. The configuration was stunningly awesome that it won the Challenge Prize at the Grand Prix d’Horologie de Geneve.

Yes, The Heritage Ranger of Tudor watches may reminisce a few older Rolex Explorers. However, the Tudor time-only Princes processing 42mm dial holds similarity with oversized WWII mil-spec.
The varieties and diversity within the brand’s catalogue make it hard to identify the beauty of Tudor watches and inventive approach, but there are thoughtfully underlined features that combine all the watches in brands catalogue:

Mechanical Movements

Each watch in Tudor’s catalogue is mechanical, some use ETA and some in-house movements.

Rugged Construction

Each watch in Tudor’s catalogue is rugged, exhibiting high anti shock resistance and water resistant properties.

Minimal Precious Metals

The main metal used in Tudor’s catalogue is steel. The brand uses no valuable metals for their watch cases.

High-end straps

Tudor’s straps are pliable yet strong, and their leather and fabric straps are avant-garde offering priced over $100.

Reasonable price range

The price range stops at the point where it begins in Rolex watches, at around $6000.

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