Limited Edition Hublot Big Bang Ferrari 100 GP

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari 100 GP Limited Edition

Hublot has debuted a limited edition watch inspired by Ferrari in the 1000 gp series. Scuderi Ferrari was the inspiration here from the formula 1 grand prix and its founding in the year 1950. As Ferrari is one of the most successful teams in the history of the sport, this watch celebrates the culmination of their work with the 1000th Grand Prix participation that will take place on Sept 13, 2020.

Hublot has been a brand partner with the vehicle manufacturer for some time and the limited edition models will represent technology from the past and present of the brand. The beauty of the design mixed with the machinery on board make these some extremely special watches to pick up.

Both versions will be produced with a 45 mm case design and a multifaceted shape that looks different for day and night lighting. The style is polished with flattened surfaces on the watch surface and dynamic angles. The oversized crown showcase piece sits at 3 o clock and brings Ferrari back into the fold with the finish. The hits of Ferrari red and the beauty of the logo capture the performance of the Scuderia Ferrari team.

The comfort shape of this Hublot watch is a joy to wear. Even with a polished white gold construction, this is a quality watch for day to day wear. Commemorative sapphire case backs and printed 1000 gp emblems offer strength and lightweight design. The watch is also rated up to 100 m in the water.

The two variants include finishings such as an oversized subdial in a high polish finish of Rhodium and a second look with a black plated look and matte dial elements. The strap is also unique with a sandy tan rubber design for the white gold finish and a high contrast white for the carbon ceramic matte model.

These editions celebrate the beauty and history of Ferrari and they are sure to be a hit among collectors!

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