Longines Watches San Pedro

Longines Watches San Pedro

Longines carries a reputation when it comes to making desirable, high quality watches. The Swiss company has a history of watch making spanning more than 200 years – with their doors opening in 1832. Over time, the company went from developing pocket watches to now offering up some of the most prestigious, finest looking designs in the world.

The entertainment world has embraced the quality of Longines watch designs. The international celebrity, Aishwarya Rai, is a household name and an ambassador of the brand. The Swiss watchmaker has one of the most recognized line of women’s watches as well.

The development and design technique of Longines is something that distinguishes from their rivals. They utilize some of the finest materials, but minimize intensive processes to stay conservative. This environmental mindfulness has won them many awards for sustainability and innovation.

Expect more great news coming from the development labs and facility of Longines. To see and browse through some of their classic designs, visit our shop page.

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