New Casio G-Shock Powered by the Sun Goes Head to Head with Garmin Forerunner

Casio G-Shock Competes with Garmin Forerunner

The latest Casio G-Shock watch is a definite competitor to the Garmin forerunner for its improved sensors and for its incredibly rugged design. The latest G-Shock design could finally offer true competitor status for a Garmin running wash that has become a true staple in the industry for hikers, trail runners and more.

The newest GBD-H1000 comes in four main models introducing color schemes for black and white, black and red and matte black and red options too. The G-shock models are definitely designed to offer you the rugged versatility that you would expect while you are out camping or training. They also have a built-in heart rate monitor as well as advanced GPS. The Casio watch can run for an extensive amount of time with its solar charging feature too.

The fitness tracker onboard introduces a series of notifications first step counts as well as a screen that can be used in bright sunlight. The charging functions on this device are impressive and it just needs two hours of sunlight each week or eight hours bathing in fluorescent lights to keep it from requiring any type of charger.

Casio does recommend regularly plugging it in to preserve the battery life. If you wanted to improve the accuracy of the GPS you can also introduce navigation support from the GLonass and michibiki satellite systems so that you can enjoy a greater form of accuracy. Additional sensors in the device also include thermometer, pressure, a compass, heart rate and it financed accelerometer functions. The basic step tracking can all be displayed on the LED screen and the watch can pair with the dedicated application over Bluetooth.

If you’re interested in a deeper level of training insights and accessing a solar watch that is one of the most rugged on the market, this G-Shock is going to be launching in April 2020 throughout the UK.

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