New High-End Limited Edition Watches Debut from Grand Seiko Line

Grand Seiko Line New High-End Watches

Grand Seiko has just dropped two high-end luxury watches that need to be seen. There are two models for ladies and gentlemen and they are made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand.

Grand Seiko was first introduced in the year 1960 and it was the mechanical only watch that was designed as a premium offering for Seiko as a watch brand. The company split off in the year 2017 and they decided to celebrate their 60th anniversary with two unique special editions.

These two luxury watches from Grand Seiko are made in Switzerland and with one model designed for men and one model designed for women. The ladies special edition is called the elegance collection and it is a redesigned version of the 9S27. With a 27.8 mm case, this watch is perfectly scaled to a women’s wrist and it has smaller proportions and improved movement on other types of ladies model watches. The bezel on this watch is set with 56 diamonds and they total roughly half a carrot. The run of these watches is going to be limited to just 300 and they’re priced at $9500.

The mens watch is built on the Grand Seiko high-frequency caliber 9S85. The movement on the men’s watch is 36,000 VPH or vibrations per hour and this is a rate that is upgraded from a standard luxury watch at 28,800. This is a timepiece that can outperform COSE accuracy ratings and it has a 55 hour reserve on it as a battery backup. For watchmaking, this is a limited edition triumph. The device is going to be limited to 1500 timepieces and it’s priced at $6300 for the men’s version.

If you are interested in a new luck tree timepiece, this is something that you should highly consider as one of the best options this year.

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