Omega De Ville Watch Review

Omega De Ville

The reticent Omega De Ville watches are known for the blued second hands, and the Roman numerals. The watches are not merely celebrated for the beauty but also for the extremely advanced 8601 co-axial automatic movements inside. This makes them ultimately accurate. The visually daring look of this watch has fetched the fan base. The subtle compromise for style does not make the austerity, the key feature of the Omega De Ville watches shade off.

Annual calendar:

The best thing about the watch that has made it possible for all to look at it is the annual calendar complication it has. The De Ville watch knows which month has 30 days and which do not. The owner need not correct the date for every month, except for February. Remember February can have variations in the calendar days. The new version of the watch does not only sport this feature of avoiding complication but has a lot more to stand out from the predecessors.

The silver dial is excellent. Though it appears white, this silver dial is of the German style, that can be seen in Nomos or ALS. The hands are where the magical design begins. The slight taper is present in the multifaceted hands, and the second hands are heat blued. The hands are angular and polished, and when carried over to the Roman Numerals they are magnificent.

Dial and case:

The position of the annual calendar is striking. The rings of the date and month match with the dial and the smooth transition are made possible by the beveled edges. The text is a bit rough and matches the dial. The case is bold and a striking contrast to the subtle dial. The vertical brush looks cool on the side of the dial, and the lug is stylistic.

It is a well-known fact that the De Ville watches are known for their impeccable accuracy, and no movement can match the accuracy of the De Ville Omega watches. The dial has an Arabesque finish and uses the free sprung balance.

It has to be accepted that the De Ville watch follows suit of the Seamaster and Speedmaster watches in many aspects, but that does not make it any less. Classic look and the annual calendar make it the best in the market. The dressy look does not make it any lesser again, and the bracelet over the strap model looks sophisticated in spite of its dressy look.


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