Rare Rolex Auction features a Paul Newman Daytona Watch

Rolex Auction Paul Newman Daytona Watch

Sometimes with watch collecting a bit of luck strikes an average collector. When a watch that is a true piece of history comes out of nowhere, there can be esteemed collectors all over the world that are looking to snap it up and own it for themselves. One of the most recent examples of a historical timepiece that came up for auction was a Daytona watch from Rolex that was personally owned by Paul Newman.

The Rolex that was once owned by Paul Newman is expected to fetch an impressive price between 175k up to 225k at auction. This Rolex is one of the most coveted models of the Swiss Rolex and considering it was owned by an American icon, this is a true piece of history.

What’s even more impressive about the watch is that it was purchased accidentally by its first secondary owner. A woman found the watch when she bought the couch at a thrift store. The couch was donated as part of Paul Newman’s estate and a woman that purchased the lightly used couch was shocked to one day pull a watch out of the cushions.

Now this impressive watch is being auctioned off as part of a large collection. There’s a series of interesting pieces being auctioned alongside it including a few rare models of submariner’s, GMT masters with the Pepsi bevel and more. The auction for these watches is part of Bob’s watches who is auctioning off a series of coveted Rolexes. As a highly respected dealer this is an excellent place that you can pick up a true piece of history such as one of the celebrity watches or one of the unique Rolexes from the collection.

Be sure to check out the latest offerings and make sure that you get your bids in if you’d like to own this outstanding Rolex or others from the collection. If you own a used couch, you might want to consider checking the cushions as well!

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