Rare, Vintage Watches You Won’t Forget

Rare Watch Brands

Rare, vintage watches elicit perceptions of wealth and exclusivity. There have been numerous changes in the prices and value of watches from generation to generation. Today, we will go through a couple of watch brands that are so rare, yet can be more expensive. Here are some of them.

The Heur Bundeswehr Flyback Chronograph

The Heuer Bundeswehr has many features that make them a strong contender for a watch enthusiast’s collection. They were designed with durability, but have never been available for non-military civilians. This makes them quite rare. It is great looking, featuring a black dial, rotating bezel, and boasts a manual wound fly-back chronograph. They were not mass produced and this specific model was issued to pilots. This is a watch that can be expensive as Heuer’s most notable sport watches today, ranging between $3000 to $4000.


The IWC’s Mark XI follows up on the military theme and was as high quality a pilot’s watch as any other at the time. It debuted in 1948 and housed a pilot’s dial with an anti-magnetic cage protecting the IWC caliber 89 movement. The watch inspired many others to follow suit with the same design and structure. Despite the legendary feats of the watch, it can be sold today at the same price as the IWC’s basic pilot watch on offer, the Mark XVII. At optimal value, the watch should be selling for $5500 with the original dial and hands. Be on the lookout for any MK XI’s with issue dates before 1962 – chances are, the dials may have been replaced.

GUB Lange Caliber 28

A. Lange and Sohne were responsible for some truly memorable pocketwatches in their time. During the time between their transition to wristwatches, they produced little watches. This is due to the German government provisions that required mass production if inexpensive timepieces for both military personnel and civilians during the war. One model known as the Lange 28 found its way to the market. It was the only wristwatch designed and produced by Lange before 1994. It beared the “Q1” an indiicaiton of the highest status of quality from Lange. These watches are now rare, and even if you do find one with the GUHB signature, there is a high chance they may not have the Lange 28 inside. This would make them as valuable as a pair of underwear. However, should you run into the real thing, the costs are going to range between $2000 to $3500.

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